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Exterior Restoration Project Schedule

posted Jul 21, 2012, 7:07 AM by jon siragusa
On Thursday, July 19th we met with Basonas Construction to go over the scheduling for the project. Below is an outline broken down by task along with estimated start and completion dates. The contractors will begin the work from the South side of the building.

 Task  Start Date End Date
 Sidewalk Bridge Installation 7/25/12 7/28/12
 Roof Work 7/31/12
 Setup of Outriggers on the Roof 8/6/12 8/17/12
 South Parapet Reconstruction 8/7/12 9/26/12
 North Parapet Reconstruction 9/26/12 11/2/12
 Lintel / Pointing / Façade Repairs 9/27/12 12/17/12
 Coping Stone Installations 12/3/12 12/18/12
 Base Flashing 12/7/12 12/27/12
 Punchlist Items 12/7/12 12/20/12
 Cleanup & Demobilization 12/21/12 1/7/12

During this project, we will plan to post a drawing of the building in
the lobby which will indicate which areas the contractors are working
in and which areas they will move to next.

We will send out more notices regarding the progress of the
project when they are available. Please email Waihung Ma at if you have any questions.