The co-op relies upon a system of committees to deal with many important issues that affect our community. If you have a suggestion or would like to join a committee, please send an email to the committee.

Garden Committee
Plans and implements garden improvements and maintenance.
  • Kay Grigar
  • Maura Callan
  • Jon Siragusa
  • Amy Ballmer
  • Ian McDermott
  • Adriana Baiata
  • Lisa Conte
  • Gadin Aggarwal

Recreation Committee
Plans the direction and use of our underutilized rooms and common areas.  
  • Philomena Papirnik
  • Chris Rungoo
  • Katrina Ramus

Holiday Committee
Decorates lobby for holidays and plans annual holiday party.
  • Terry Corcoran
  • Ivana Britt
  • Nathalie Chetrit
  • Maura Callan
  • Tom Callan
  • Cindy Carlson
Interior Design Committee
Oversees our interior design related projects.
  • Maura Callan
  • Nathalie Chetrit
  • Elizabeth Friedman
  • Philomena Papirnik
  • Tom Vail

Finance Committee
Manages reserve funds and the underlying mortgage.
  • Francisco Bello
  • Jay Sondhi
  • Braj Aggarwal
  • Jon Siragusa
  • Barbara Perlov
  • Katrina Ramus
  • Philomena Papirnik